Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weeding, mulching and fending off a rooster attack

This is the first week that I spent almost entirely in the garden. The week consisted mostly of hacking, digging, and pulling up plant matter. First we pulled Broccoli and Kale plants that were left in the ground over winter. Then we spent the rest of the week removing nasty Coles Foot (pretty yellow flower that resembles dandelions) and other grasses and weeds from the raspberry and rhubarb beds.

Monday we planted Chioggia Beets and two varieties of carrots. Wednesday we started broccoli and Chinese cabbage seedlings in the greenhouse. On Thursday we put the leeks and onions outside to harden them off, since night temperatures are above 35F and day temperatures are around 50 to 60F. If temperatures dip below 35F at night we will put the plants in the cold frame.

The Rhubarb bed with Colts Foot
Rhubarb bed after weeding mulched with wood chips

Rooster attack
Sadly, I don't get to see the animals as much anymore. Me and the other two interns rotate each morning helping the guys do morning chores. Wednesday I went to help with the chickens and pigs. Minding my own business I was collecting eggs in pen three when the head rooster came into the pen, he started towards me with his wings out and staring me down. I put my foot out to scare him or push him back and he started vigorously flapping his wings and flying towards me. I started screaming for Brian, who was two pens down, telling him the rooster was attacking me. He did not hear, nor come to my rescue. I started swinging the egg bucket towards him to get him to back off and ran out of the pen. My heart was racing. Brian went into the pen and the rooster jumped on his shoulder and started to peck his head. He threw him off and sprayed with the hose. Brian and I retreated out of the pen and tried to gather our thoughts. The problem was there are two roosters that looked the same but we did not know which one attacked us. So, Brian grabbed a broom and we went back into the pen. I went into the yard where the rooster was and tried to see if any of them would attack me. I felt like CSI bait. I was so scared I ran back into the pen. Apparently, one of the roosters attacked Dana last week and put a hole in her leg.

Keep it up rooster, you may end up soup before long..

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