Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Garden update: Tomatoes, eggplants, peppers are officially in the ground

A truck filled to the brim with tomato varieties such as Rose de Berne, Green Zebra, Purple Cherokee, Garden Peach, Sun Gold, etc.

Tomatoes, check. Eggplants, check. Peppers, check. Finally our sun loving greenhouse hogging plants are in the ground. It seems like they have been in the greenhouse forever. Not that I mind walking into a cultivated jungle in the morning, but the tomatoes were getting so large they started to flower and fruit. Alas, the weather was not cooperative until last Friday and early this week. We dug trenches to plop our plants in the ground. Marigolds were planted every ten tomato plant to help with pest control. It was very exciting but sad at the same time, not much remained to be put in the ground except for melons and a few succession plantings.

The hot weather was helping the plants big time. Over night things have been doubling in size. When I looked at the garden last week I was skeptical that we would have anything to give our CSA members in two weeks, but just yesterday we snacked on a small radish.

Other than planting we have been trying to keep up with the weeds. We yank and hoe regularly trying to keep them at bay. In aisles between the peas we put down grass clippings to keep the weeds in check. It is one of the farming ironies, half your time is spent trying to grow things, the other half is spent trying to prevent growth.

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