Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tick check

Sunday, I brought my husband over to the farm to help me do chores in the afternoon. I really wanted to show him the farm and what I do on a daily basis. We fed the sows and piglets, fluffed the hay and pet Lady the goat, watered the seedlings in the greenhouse, collected eggs, refilled the water in the chicken coops, and went and checked on the other pigs. This bunch are the mischievous ones as mentioned in a previous post. The two by fours that anchored the water trough down were pulled down and were being chewed on like they were a bone. As I filled up their water, one of the pigs decided to cool off with his nasty feet in the water.

The tomato seedlings I started last week are starting to pop up

Monday, a goat gave birth to two healthy baby boy kids. Unfortunately, the other mother who lost her three kids died on Saturday. Then we had another goat give birth to triplets. They seemed all good and healthy but Ken had to intervene because they were breached. Lady was not at all acting like herself yesterday. She wouldn't come when called, wasn't really interested in finishing her bottle of milk. Maybe, we thought, she was having middle child syndrome and was upset that she was no longer the baby. But, clearly we are projecting. More than likely she is just weaning herself of the bottle.

The last two days have been gray and rainy so we haven't been clearing the rose bushes. This afternoon we were going to clear a couple of small bushes behind one of the houses. I showed up with the weed whacker and the girls were not interested in busting that thing out. They were content to use pruning sheers and loppers. I could have razed that thing in a few minutes, but they are clearly not as much of a fan of the weed whacker as I am. So I went with the boys to dismantle the roof of one of the mobile chicken coops that got knocked over last year.

With beautiful weather comes nasty creatures. We can literally see the ticks crawling on the backs of the pigs. Frankly it is pretty gross. I have this sinking feeling that I am going to end up with Lyme disease this summer. Gosh darn it I am in my prime years! And not to sound vain and all but I don't want to end up looking like a stroke victim. Every itch I get or every bump I feel will set off panic that some blood sucking bastard is on me and infecting me with its disease. So a new part of my daily routine will be to strip down after work, at home of course, and check for ticks. I wish I could make it sound sexier, but its really not. Ticks suck.

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