Friday, March 26, 2010

Trucks are fun, Dump trucks are cooler.

Many people might consider driving a truck not a big deal. But it is to me. Consider the following: I have had my drivers license for 11 years but only drove for three of them. The only two cars I have ever owned were compacts (Toyota Echo and Toyota Yaris) and I haven't driven in three years until very recently. The day after I got my first car I got into an accident and I once went off the highway trying to eject a C.D. I get extremely agitated when lost/driving in the city/ or when someone blinds me with their high beams. Oh, and I hate reversing, driving in snow and getting stuck. So being comfortable driving a truck is like some sort of Dr. Phil breakthrough. In fact, I really like driving a truck. You're high off the ground, you take up the whole road (at least it feels that way to me)and you can haul stuff around. This week I actually drove the truck off the farm to deliver eggs and pick up compost. Plus, I drove at a speed above 20 mph! Then on Wednesday I briefly drove the dump truck. Dump trucks are way cooler. It's like driving a tank only you have the option to hydraulically dump crap out the back. I blasted Beastie Boys the whole time in the truck. I felt like a rock star.

Speaking of dump truck, on Wednesday we mucked out the pig pen and dumped the contents in the back of the truck. We accidentally buried six gardening tools under a ton of crap. We didn't realize that rakes and shovels were there until Brian asked if we had taken them out. Donald went to dig them out. Some of them were so deeply buried that they had to later dig them out using the Bobcat at the dump site. Lesson learned? Look before you dump.

Thursday I went to help Mark, the Glynwood Jack of all trades or handy man, fix up the second mobile chicken coop. I suggested we paint it hot pink and label it the Chick Mobile. That idea was shot down pretty quickly. I didn't do much but hammer, screw, sand, and carry stuff. But I absorbed the procedure and how he went about building it. We used the frame of a farm wagon for the platform, and built from there. Someday, I shall build my Chick Mobile. Or maybe I will get myself a truck, a hot pink truck with nice shiny chrome wheels. Now that's a chick mobile.

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