Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Corn is like crack to goats

Our goats go crazy for dried whole kernels of corn. We have been slowly adding corn to their diets to give them a nutrition boost (for all the preggo mamas). But as soon as they see us put down the troughs (even before we put any corn in them) they start pushing, shoving, mehhhhing loudly, and it almost sounds like some of them are crying. On Saturday, when I tried to feed the two mother goats in their kidding pens the ram stuck his head in the bucket of corn and started eating. He was stubborn, and a tad bit scary with his man horns, and there was no way I was going to fight him over some corn kernels. Sometimes, the goats will even jump into the pens with the moms and start eating their corn. I cannot wait for the corn feeding to end.

Baby goat update
So the first set of twins are running around with the big goats now (this morning I found them curled up together near the fence). The second set of twins are doing much better. They have little blue goat blankets on them (think, goat Snuggies) to keep them warm (very, very cute. Will upload pics tomorrow). When we placed the boy goat in with his mom he wasted no time finding the milk source. But the girl wouldn't even try. And now, the mother is rejecting her. When we put her in the pen the mother was getting violent with her. This sometimes happens when they are washed or do not spend enough time in the first few days with the mother. So, she is pretty much going to be a bottle baby, aka, our little pet.

Other than that, its been a quiet day on the farm. We filled meat orders for customers in the morning. I was practically drooling as I loaded cardboard boxes full of smoked ham hocks, breakfast sausage, ground pork, pork chops, bacon, and spareribs. All from Glynwoods heritage pigs. Yum!

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