Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow, Snow, go away, come again another year.

Tuesday I left work around noon because it was starting to snow hard. Yesterday I couldn't even get out of my driveway because of the heavy wet snow. And today it is snowing again. Because I didn't work yesterday, I wanted to go in today to at least do morning chores. I was feeling very much like a slacker. Plus, I missed the piggies, cows and goats. (Sorry chickens, it's nothing personal, but you are just not that cute or that bright. But you do have delicious eggs!)

We brought another sow into a farrowing pen. Not because we thought she was due this week but because she was getting beat up by Peter the boar. She had more than love bites, she had gashes from him. Plus, she was too skinny. We suspected that she wasn't getting her fair share of the corn (being muscled out by Peter and the other sows). When we put her in the pen she was clearly ravenous, and started eating the bedding we put down for her.

The pigglets from both sows were doing great. The new bunch are adorable with their little pink and black spots. The older group and very playful and daring. I will put my hand in the pen and they run away and then slowly come creeping towards me and start sniffing my glove with their tiny snouts.

Lady the goat is doing great. She is fed three times a day and always finishes the half bottle we give her. We are starting to let her out with the other goats (when they are calm, after the feeding frenzy.) She follows us around like a shadow. I guess we have all imprinted on her now. We want her to socialize with the goats so she remembers that she is a goat. The twins boys are active and full of life and play king of the castle on the salt like. One boy gets up and the other than tries to knock him off so he can be on top.

In the past three weeks I have left early 4 or 5 times because of the snow. And while I don't mind getting out of rose bush duty every once in a while, I know they are under that snow waiting for me. And I would much rather clear them when its cold out so I can have four layers between me and their pricks.

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