Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Whats for supper? the Easter Bunny.

Rabbits are shit machines. Walking into the room where these little fury creatures are housed in their cages, you can't help but think these things live for shitting. That, and one other important thing, doing IT. In case you didn't know, rabbit poop looks like rehydrated raisins.

The rabbits are being raised for meat. I asserted rather naively that it must be hard to kill the rabbits (because their so cute), to which the livestock guy responded "oh no, it is really not hard. You just put its paws in a strap, break its neck, and drain the blood. And, the skin pulls off really easily."

Um, OK. Can't say I am psyched to partake in snapping the Easter bunnies neck. But if I close my eyes and imagine the taste of the stewed meat, I might be persuaded otherwise.

In the afternoon, we rounded up the goats and sheep and recorded their id tags, and some cases if they were missing one, we had to issue another one. The id tag machine works very similar to getting your ear pierced, the goats didn't seem to mind it, they just don't really like you holding their head, or touching them.

The day ended with another cleaning out of the chicken pen, scraping out all the bedding, throwing down some lime as a disinfectant and then fresh straw bedding. I learned that there are three type of chickens, Rhode Island Red, Leghorn, and Araucanas.

Anxious to sample the chickens goodies, I took home a couple of eggs and scrambled them for supper. Breakfast for supper is totally the way to go. I may be biased, but they were the creamiest and best tasting scrambled eggs I have ever made.

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